31 January 2017

A Long Time Ago ... (well, last night, actually)

Last night was my latest trip over to the Redcar Ironbeards club. Another game of X-Wing - 100pts, again. But this time a win.

I'd learnt from my previous use of lower Pilot Skill choices that the small, Light Interceptor ships I favour just get shot down too quickly if they fire second. So I made sure that last night they would fire first. Oh, I also used Boba Fett. Boba is quite the useful model to use!
Ian was the opponent last night, with his Rebel Alliance. He used plenty of ships, but only the one upgrade purchase and only the one high Pilot Skill model (the B-wing). 
The first couple of turns went excellent for me. Both forces raced to contact - though I forgot that I should have been hanging back to use my Torpedoes - and my dice rolling was exceptionally good. Soon, both of Ian's T-65 X-wings were without shields and very low on Hull points, they were staring destruction in the face - if only I'd then blown them up. Doh! 
My first use of the larger ship-based Boba Fett provided me with the opportunity to get him completely out of position. Way out there, on his own, he was no aid in the firefights. Luckily, I got him there in the end. 
For this game I'd 'beefed' up my Light Interceptor fighters to the extreme: +1 Hull with the "Heavy Scyk" Title and +1 Shields with the "Shields Upgrade" Modification. Eventually both of the M3-A Scyks were destroyed, but not before causing a lot of damage to the Rebels. 

I also got my first taste of the Ion Cannon, from Ian's Y-wing. Pretty annoying, to be honest. He caught me out of position, without being able to shoot him down first, and it became a slow bleeding out as I took hit after hit that I couldn't counter. 

In the end all we had left, between us, was one ship apiece. Ian with his 'Ion Cannon Turret' Y-wing, and me with Boba Fett. Boba being stuck in the asteroid field and needing to carefully plan his course through the space rocks, lest he take damage (as all he had was 4 Hull left). If it hadn't of been for the Firespray-31's Auxiliary Firing Arc (allowing the primary weapons to shoot to the rear, in this case) Boba would have been a sitting duck. But alas, for Ian, it wasn't to be and Boba struck, blowing up the last remaining Rebel. 
Victory! Just.

Here's my Squadron build:

Serissu - 20pts                                 [M3-A Scyk]
Shield Upgrade - 4pts
"Heavy Scyk" Interceptor - 2pts
Proton Torpedoes - 4pts

Tansarii Point Veteran  - 17pts [M3-A Scyk]
Shield Upgrade - 4pts
Veteran Instincts: 1pt
"Heavy Scyk" Interceptor - 2pts
Proton Torpedoes - 4pts

Boba Fett - 39pts [Firespray-31]
Glitterstim - 2pts
Crack Shot - 1pt

I'm not going back to the Redcar Club for a while, now. So it remains to be seen if I manage to get in any games in the meantime.



  1. Sounds like a good game. Hopefully see you on the 12th then

    1. @Dave Docherty: Yes, I'm at York on the 5th and Scruton on the 12th. Then back over at Redcar on the 20th, unless they're too busy preparing their game for Hammerhead.